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FMA Help Kik Exploits asian woman as a slave

Kik Exploits asian woman as a slave

The online dating app Kik has made headlines for exploiting asian women in its latest video, but the exploitation isn’t limited to those who are Asian.

As reported by The Daily Beast, Kik exploits asian men to lure their Asian girlfriends with advertisements for free sex.

The video shows a man in his 30s who was working at a nearby restaurant and his girlfriend’s friends walking down the street, looking for a date.

He starts by asking his friend if he would be interested in meeting her, and the friend replies “yeah,” before saying, “Okay, how about we go find a place for free?”

The man, who is dressed in a suit and tie, then walks to a nearby hotel, where he meets up with the friend and tells him to pay $200 for sex.

Afterward, the man leaves the hotel with the woman, who doesn’t ask for money.

She leaves the scene without paying.

The Daily Beast also reports that the men who were victims were paid in cash and the woman was paid in gold coins, and that Kik’s vice president of marketing, Chris Wong, did not return requests for comment.

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