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FMA Application LulzSec hacker claims responsibility for cyber attack on ‘mother’ of 2 hacked to death

LulzSec hacker claims responsibility for cyber attack on ‘mother’ of 2 hacked to death

LONDON — A Lulzsec hacker claimed responsibility Thursday for the cyber attack that killed two young mothers in a high-rise in central London, claiming that he and other members of the group had targeted the mothers for years by hacking into their email accounts and compromising their personal information.

The group, which has been identified by British police as Lulz, has not commented publicly on the deaths.

The London Bridge attackers had targeted a different woman in the early morning hours of Oct. 1 in the West End of London, according to police, and police said the two victims had died of injuries inflicted by a hail of rocks and glass.

Police said the attack was the first homicide of the year.

Authorities say Lulz and another group called Lulzsecurity used a sophisticated phishing attack on the two women in an attempt to steal their personal and financial information, and to obtain personal photographs of them.

The group has denied the allegations.

Lulzsec, which calls itself the most prolific online hacker group, was first arrested in 2010, and then briefly jailed in 2013.

Its members have been arrested in more than 100 countries and have been indicted in the United States, Canada, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Lulzy and his cohorts were also the subjects of a high profile trial in March 2016 in which a jury convicted Lulz on charges including computer hacking, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and attempting to access the computer networks of other individuals.

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