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FMA System Football Italy: ‘Giovanni Lippi is a liar’

Football Italy: ‘Giovanni Lippi is a liar’

The football manager of Juventus has been accused of “lying to the media” over a series of sexual assault allegations and a claim that the club’s chairman, Antonio Conte, knew about the sexual abuse claims.

In an interview with Sport, Lippi accused Conte of “lies, cheating, deceiving” and said Conte “lied to him” by not admitting his wrongdoing to the Italian FA.

Lippi’s claim that Conte had a “plan” to conceal the allegations of sexual abuse by his players and to avoid a sanction from the league and football federation was the crux of the story.

It has also come to light that Lippi had been accused by the FA of trying to cover up the alleged rape of one of his players in 2005.

“I was not aware of the allegations, but the truth was coming out, and this is why I was asked to resign, I was told by the federation and the president that there was an investigation going on, but I did not believe that it would be completed in time, but they said I would be removed and my name would not be cleared, and I was also asked to pay a fine, and in fact I paid a fine and it was the same fine that they are going to charge me with now,” Lippi said.

“When I started working in football, I had to go through all that, to be able to talk to my players, to talk with the media, to tell them everything.

And they never told me the truth.”

Lippi is the second person in the past week to accuse Conte or his wife, Simone, of sexual misconduct.

The Football Association’s former chief executive, John Still, resigned from the board of Juventus in May after a series, which included allegations of abuse by two of his children.

A spokesperson for the Football Association declined to comment on the Lippi allegations.

“We will not comment on any specific allegations, as they relate to the individual,” said the spokesperson, who asked not to be named.

“There has been an allegation of inappropriate behaviour in the context of a football club.

We take these matters very seriously and will investigate them thoroughly.”

Conte is also under investigation by the Italian national police over allegations that he sexually abused two children in the 1990s.

The investigation was opened by the national police in January and continues to investigate.

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