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FMA Leading How to deal with a girl you’ve met online: A guide

How to deal with a girl you’ve met online: A guide

By Jennifer A. Pashler | 10 January 2016 11:24:14A woman was shocked by an Instagram post from an unnamed teen, who claimed to have been abused as a child.

The story was posted on the teen’s Instagram account in October 2016, after the teen posted photos of her bruised and disfigured face and bruises on Instagram.

The photo of her appeared to show bruises that she had received after being beaten by a group of four people.

The post also featured a photograph of the girl wearing a white dress, which many believe is a suicide note.

“I’ve been going through my life, trying to find love, to figure out what it’s like to love somebody, to be loved, and to know that the person you love is a real person,” the girl wrote in a caption of the photo.

“This is who you are now,” the teen wrote.

The Instagram post went viral and attracted hundreds of likes, and several of the girls who commented on the post shared photos of themselves with bruises.

“What are you thinking?” one Instagram user asked.

“It’s true that I have bruises, but they’re not the bruises of someone who’s been abused,” the Instagram user responded.

“When I was in a relationship with someone who was abusive, I couldn’t even tell my partner,” another girl replied.

The girl who shared the Instagram post is a sophomore at Rutgers University.

She did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

The other girl has since deleted the post, but the Instagram account remained active.

The young girl in question has been identified as Alexis.

She was described as a junior at Rutgers, according to her school’s official website.

The Associated Press does not identify students by their first and last names.

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