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FMA Leading How to Use Chrome Exploited to Steal the ‘EternalBlue’ Password

How to Use Chrome Exploited to Steal the ‘EternalBlue’ Password

Exploiting vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser exploit kit to steal the EternalBlue password has become increasingly popular over the last year. 

However, in the last two weeks, researchers have identified multiple exploits for the exploit kit in several countries. 

A report published by researchers at Ghent University and the University of California at San Diego found that hackers targeted more than 1,400 sites in China and India, according to a news release. 

“The number of sites that we identified is a reflection of the popularity of the exploit kits,” Ghent’s David Alen said in the release.

“We also identified a handful of other countries where they appear to be active, but we have not yet confirmed the validity of the reports.”

Researchers at GCHQ, the British intelligence agency, identified the Eternalblue exploit kit as a major threat to security.

The GCHQ researchers said the Eternal Blue exploit kit was the largest ever detected, with over a million malicious files and over a half million malicious connections. 

The EternalBlue exploit kit is similar to the Windows vulnerability CVE-2017-3239, but it has been updated to include a newer version of the Eternal blue exploit kit that uses a different file format and a new way to download files, the researchers said. 

Researchers at Microsoft discovered the Eternalblink exploit kit earlier this month. 

Another GCHQ report said that attackers have also used the EternalBLINK exploit kit. 

According to the researchers, the Eternal BLINK exploit tool was the second most popular exploit kit behind the Windows EternalBlue, but the researchers also said that it is only being used on compromised systems in China. 

Google’s Chrome browser is one of the top five most popular web browsers in the world, with about 10.5 million users worldwide, according a recent report by Gartner.

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