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FMA Application ‘Mystery’ teen’s mom was a victim of a Russian cyber attack

‘Mystery’ teen’s mom was a victim of a Russian cyber attack

Russian cyber attacks have made it increasingly difficult for American parents to keep their young children safe online.

In the latest instance, the father of a 4-year-old girl in Georgia was allegedly targeted by Russian hackers who infected his email account with malicious software, forcing him to close his laptop and his home.

“Mystery mom of the day is a victim,” the father, whose identity has not been released, wrote on Facebook.

“I know the internet is evil, but I’m not afraid.

I have been a victim.”

The incident began with a phishing email that tricked the father into giving his home address to a hacker.

When he opened the email, he discovered a Russian army-themed site that promised to turn his wife and children into soldiers, according to his wife, who posted on Facebook: “We will turn our sons into soldiers.”

When the hacker accessed the computer, it was found that it contained a virus, a software flaw that could cause a computer to execute malicious code.

The father said his wife did not tell him that their child was being targeted by the Russians, and he said he felt “betrayed” by the hackers who tricked him.

“They didn’t say anything.

It wasn’t until later that I realized what they were doing,” the dad told ABC News.

“It wasn’t just their mom.

It was their son, too.

It is an unbelievable scam.

It’s so bad.”

The father, who works in Georgia, told ABC he had been using a VPN, a technology that allows internet users to connect to the outside world without revealing their identity, to connect with his daughter online.

The mother’s account was also infected with the malware, and it has been removed from the Internet.

The father’s wife did share his account with him, but the hacker said the mother was able to access the information on her computer through the VPN, which could have been an attack vector.

The family said they have been trying to contact Russian authorities to help track down the hackers, but they did not have a response from the Russian Embassy.ABC News’ Chris Albrecht contributed to this report.

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