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FMA Help When do we stop looking for the right excuse?

When do we stop looking for the right excuse?

An old-fashioned scam to trick elderly people into buying expensive toys and appliances, or to get them to pay for an expensive trip overseas is back in vogue, and it can take a variety of forms.

Scammers have been exploiting the vulnerable and the elderly in Australia, as well as the Chinese, the US and Japan, to get elderly people to spend hundreds of dollars on things such as expensive cars, computers and appliances.

In the UK, one elderly couple in Liverpool have been accused of using the scam to get a car they were planning to sell.

The scammer in the car was a Chinese man who had previously used a British company called Fuxiang.

He used the company to arrange a car sale to the couple’s daughter, but instead of selling the car, the salesman had them give up their car keys and tell him they had no intention of using it.

They then sold the car and used the proceeds to buy a new one.

A Chinese man selling a car on eBay, left, and the seller of a car in Hong Kong, right, were accused of exploiting the elderly.

Photo: Google Maps A Chinese man buying a car from eBay in Hong

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