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FMA Help ‘Black and white’ exploitation films ‘exploited’

‘Black and white’ exploitation films ‘exploited’

Exploited mature, black exploitation movies are gaining popularity as they can be seen as more acceptable, more appealing and less taboo, a new study says.

Black and White, which is in theaters now, will be released in September and explores exploitation themes.

The film is about a young black man who is sent by a wealthy white man to work for a white company in New York City.

Black man goes undercover as a black man and discovers the existence of a black woman who is being paid to be a prostitute in New Orleans.

Black woman becomes a prostitute, is sexually assaulted and is sold to a rich white man.

The story follows the young Black man who becomes the victim of a violent attack by a white man after being hired to look after the woman, who is also his girlfriend.

The movie has been criticized for its lack of racial diversity.

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