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FMA Help China exploiting African teens

China exploiting African teens

China is exploiting the young, a report said, with young people exploited by the continent’s economy and culture.

The report, commissioned by the African Union and published on Tuesday by the London-based think-tank, African Union Watch, said that more than 200 young people in Africa were exploited by China in 2015, while another 200 were exploited overseas.

China is exploiting young people, report says, with more than a thousand exploited by Africa in 2015The report was commissioned by Africa’s Africa Commission, which is part of the African Development Bank, which operates an investment fund called African Infrastructure Fund.

China was the largest donor to Africa in the past four years, but Africa has also been criticised for a slow response to the crisis.

It has struggled to find new sources of finance for projects and to provide adequate infrastructure for its people, who are being forced to live in overcrowded camps in the jungles of northern and central Africa.

African countries, particularly China, have long been criticised by some Western nations and even some African allies for not doing enough to help Africa.

In a joint statement, African Development Council secretary general Mwenda Ntaganda and African Commission head Fikile Mbalula called on African countries to ensure adequate infrastructure and help people to escape poverty.

“We urge African countries and leaders to make this priority a top priority for them and for the future of the continent,” the statement said.

The crisis has worsened since 2016, when thousands of migrant workers were killed by Chinese police in the northern city of Nanjing, where thousands of factories and other businesses were burned down.

Chinese police have been blamed for using excessive force, and hundreds of thousands of workers have fled to neighbouring countries.

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