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FMA System How to exploit a worker on an Indian migrant farm

How to exploit a worker on an Indian migrant farm

The government of India is not amused about the recent exploitation films that have been released on YouTube.

The government has launched an investigation to trace down those responsible and has banned all such videos in the country.

“These are not work-related, but have been made in order to exploit workers,” a government spokesperson told Reuters.

In the video uploaded by YouTube user bengali, a man, identified as Suresh, is shown beating a worker and then grabbing his phone.

The man then leaves the farm, leaving the farm owner to work the farm with the help of a worker.

The worker is then forced to work on the farm in a field for four days.

The video was made on a migrant farm in the northern state of Madhya Pradesh.

The farm owner has since been arrested and is being investigated by the local police.

“A worker has died after being exploited by a migrant worker,” the spokesperson said.

The exploitation film, titled “My Own Laborer,” was uploaded on July 27, 2018 and has since attracted over 3.3 million views.

“My own laborer,” the film shows a man named Bimalu who is working on a farm near the village of Bhimbera in the central state of Uttar Pradesh.

Bimalus job is to work as a domestic helper and care for cattle.

The footage shows the migrant worker being beaten, dragged and beaten, the video ends with Bimala’s body being thrown into the river.

The labourer was then sent to the hospital.

He is now in the hospital recovering.

The Uttar Pradesh government has called for an investigation into the exploitation video.

The Indian National Congress party is also calling for a probe.

“It’s not a job.

It’s an act of cruelty,” the party spokesperson told CNN-IBN.

“The government should have banned the exploitation of the workers.

It is not right that they are getting the money from the taxpayers.”

The videos have garnered international attention in recent months.

A migrant farm worker named Kishore Kumar, who was found dead in a ditch in Rajasthan last month, was reportedly beaten by migrant workers who took money from him.

Kishor was also beaten by a man working on the same farm, who also left his body in the ditch.

The deaths of migrant workers have prompted international outrage and outrage from rights groups and politicians.

“This exploitation video is not acceptable,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told parliament on Monday, adding that the government was investigating the video.

“I condemn this video,” Modi said.

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