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FMA Application How to report cruelty to animals

How to report cruelty to animals

The Animal Equality Coalition says the death of a pit bull in Queensland has prompted the State Government to look at legislation that would outlaw the breeding of dogs and cats.

The coalition said in a statement the dog was “doomed to die”.

“It is heartbreaking to hear of a dog’s death,” said the Coalition’s CEO Dr David Siewert.

“We believe that the Queensland Government must take action to prevent this kind of abuse, and the dog owner has a right to expect a proper investigation into the circumstances surrounding his dog’s tragic death.”

Queensland Animal Welfare Commissioner Andrew Dickson said the animal’s death had prompted him to look into animal welfare laws.

“I’m deeply concerned that the death has prompted a discussion about the appropriate response to the breed of dog,” he said.

“It’s really disappointing for people to hear the dog had died and then to see it has been reported to the authorities.”

‘It’s not just about the dog’: Dogs and cats that have been abused are more likely to commit suicide, and that’s a risk for their owners, the group said.

Mr Dickson’s team will be consulting with veterinarians and social workers on the matter.

“As a result of the death, there’s now a need for a more thorough and well-rounded approach to how the Queensland Animal Justice Agency operates,” he added.

Animal Equality’s Mr Siewart said he was hopeful that Queensland would soon move to a system that would ban the breeding and sale of dogs, and said the state had “one of the best animal welfare systems in the country”.

“I know there’s been talk in the media about the lack of awareness around the issue, but we believe that there is a very serious problem and a very important issue to address,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“So I’m hopeful that the state is going to move in that direction.”

‘Very serious’: Queensland’s deputy premier, Mark Bailey, said he had spoken to the dog’s owner and the matter was “still being investigated”.

“If they do find any evidence of a criminal offence, it will be passed to the Queensland Police Force for investigation,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Coalition has also called on the Federal Government to act.

“The Queensland Government needs to urgently act to end the widespread abuse of dogs in Queensland,” Mr Siwert said.

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