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FMA Help ‘The End of Privilege’ Explains the End of Capitalism

‘The End of Privilege’ Explains the End of Capitalism

Exploiting the system to make money, and the end of privilege, is a key concept of the Black Lives Matter movement.

But as we look ahead to a new year, this year’s year in tech is one in which it’s no longer the case that the systems that we have created for the benefit of people of color are somehow the only things that have changed.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that we are in fact witnessing a revolution in the way that people of privilege are seen, perceived, and treated.

It isn’t that we’re seeing a new wave of oppression, but rather a shift in the very nature of the system itself.

And while this might not be the only thing that’s changed, the shift in power and privilege has been the result of a series of actions that are taking place right now.

That’s why, with the help of a new documentary, “The End Of Privilege,” it’s essential to examine how our current systems of oppression and exploitation are being dismantled.

“The End” will be released by WME/IMG on February 8.

This article originally appeared at National Review Online.

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