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FMA System Shellshock exploit reveals ‘super-powerful’ backdoor in Windows 10

Shellshock exploit reveals ‘super-powerful’ backdoor in Windows 10

The Microsoft Security Bulletin notes a flaw that could allow a user to install a malicious app that could lead to a privilege escalation, or an attack on an object or service in the system.

The flaw is the same one exploited by the notorious Trojan-Ransomware group and was previously discovered by researchers at security firm Check Point.

Windows 10 users are urged to update to Windows 10 Creators Update to fix the issue.

Exploit source Check Point Exploit reportA “shellshock exploit” is an attempt to compromise a computer by leveraging an existing vulnerability in the operating system that allows an attacker to bypass security restrictions.

The Windows 10 update, which is required for the update, is not the cause of the vulnerability, according to the advisory.

Microsoft has said it has patched the flaw.

Shellshock has been around for some time and has been exploited by groups such as the Ransomware Group, which has targeted businesses by demanding ransom payments for encrypted files, as well as groups such the CryptoLocker ransomware.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Microsoft said it was aware of the issue and was working to fix it.

The issue has been reported to Microsoft by the Check Point researchers.

Microsoft said on its blog that it had made several changes to the Windows 10 build that fixes the vulnerability and the update is available now.

Windows Defender has a tool that allows users to use a specially crafted Windows file or process to access restricted information.

This feature is a part of the new “Windows Defender” feature in Windows 8.1, which Microsoft says will be a more reliable security feature for businesses.

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