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FMA Leading Teenage girls are being exploited for sex exploitation, report says

Teenage girls are being exploited for sex exploitation, report says

A teenage girl from the Philippines who has gone missing in Indonesia after reportedly being raped by a local man was rescued from a remote island after her family posted on social media.

The girl, who was in the Philippines for a school trip, was found on Tuesday, but her family has not released any details of what happened to her, according to the Indonesian news agency Anadolu.

The woman’s father told Anador he was “sickened by the whole situation”.

Indonesia has been rocked by the sexual exploitation of girls in recent years.

Last year, an 18-year-old girl from Jakarta was found dead on a remote Indonesian island after she was raped in an apparent gang-rape.

Indonesia has since imposed a new national law on the sexual abuse of minors, including a 10-year jail sentence for those found guilty.

Indonesia’s parliament is considering a new law on child pornography.

Indonesian police said on Tuesday that the man who allegedly raped the teenager had been arrested.

The incident happened in the province of Kalimantan in the Indonesian archipelago, which is about 40 kilometres (25 miles) from the capital, Jakarta.

Police said they arrested a man in the city of Yogyakarta who had allegedly made threats against the girl’s family.

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