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FMA System When Bloxburg exploited African Americans for sex, it put them in danger

When Bloxburg exploited African Americans for sex, it put them in danger

Bloxburgh, Ga.

— In an effort to lure teenagers into a black prostitution ring, a fathering autism exploitation operation targeted young African Americans, according to federal investigators.

The FBI’s Georgia office found the operation operated for months.

It targeted teens as young as 13 and girls as young 13.

It also targeted white males and female sex workers.

The operation began in late 2015.

The FBI said it was led by a white man and began targeting teenage girls in the area of Bloxberg, about 35 miles (56 kilometers) north of Atlanta.

In the past few years, the group has targeted more than 100 African American teens.

The group began targeting the girls because of their ethnicity, and because of the sex work they had done, according the FBI.

The men and women who operated the operation had sex with teens for a fee.

They would use their victim’s credit cards and then use their phones to text messages and call.

The girls were sometimes forced to pay the men and used to collect their money, and the men would use the money to pay for their drug purchases, the FBI said.

One of the young girls, a 17-year-old who was a sex worker, told the FBI that the men used her and her friends to pay off the men, who would then take them to other black prostitution places, and then bring them back to the Bloxenburg area, the agents said.

The agents said they interviewed the girls about their activities and how they were manipulated by the men.

They said the girls were aware of the men’s plans, but they were not aware of their identities or the sexual activity involved.

Investigators said they discovered the prostitution ring when they visited the Blixburg Police Department on Dec. 9.

They also discovered other illegal activities at the property.

The investigation was the first of its kind for the FBI in the U.S., said FBI Special Agent in Charge Mark D. Smith.

The agency is also working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia Bureau Special Operations Unit, the Georgia State Police and other law enforcement agencies.

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